Why your client will hate your next photo booth idea?

Let’s be real. Your clients are tired of photo booths that take simple branded photos. Or create boomerang gifs? Or a video? It’s all déjà vu. There’s nothing new. Do you want to brand the pictures and expect a high share while the content does not match the recent trend?

At iboothme, as the leading visual tech solutions pioneer in the region, we’ve been there and done that since 2011.

Your clients don’t need another photo booth; they need a brand experience.

If your guests just wanted to create a TikTok video, they could do it on their smartphone – they don’t need a photo booth. They have Snapchat too. And cool filters that create stunning results. So why would they step into a photo booth that does just the same thing again and again?

Why would they go for the same effect when constantly looking for the unique? And then, ask yourself why they would share it on social media? Would you?

You won’t have extraordinary results until you have a unique solution, a solution made specifically to promote the brand. And the bad thing about it is that your guest will notice the Dejavue and link that lack of creativity to your client’s brand and your event agency.

Most brands think a photo booth can solve their problems. After all, photo booths have had a tremendous success rate in the past. And that’s why they choose them.

But it’s a thin line between success and failure.

Is this the end of photo booths?

Unless your photo booth is as boring as the above, the answer is a big no.

All you need to do is propose a unique visual experience that connects with your brand or product that will make sense.

You see, the moment your prospect relates the special photo booth experience to your product, they will love the message. They will become ‘mini-influencers’ and talk about it. They will then share the news with their friends, followers and family on social media.

We created a unique photo booth experience to promote the movie Venom, and the results were out of this world. The good part is you could use it everywhere – from our innovative physical photo booth to our virtual solution.

See how iboothme customized a unique photo booth experience. View the video here

Stop proposing boring photo booths. Create customized experiences.

Need to create a massive buzz without making an enormous dent in your marketing budget? iboothme can help you with the right solutions. Get in touch, and we’ll help you with a unique photo booth experience for your next campaign.