The brief:

As brands crowd supermarkets everywhere, Sunsilk was looking for a unique way to capture consumers, create buzz and increase their sales. The key word in our brief: unique.


Our visual marketing team decided to combine two of the most important aspects to create a unique solution. We created a booth that put the consumer’s picture directly on the pack, turning them into cover girls and our brand into a hero!

People could buy their very own ‘Cover Girl’ bottle of Sunsilk along with a personalized video and gif of themselves at the booth. They were able to relate to the product on a whole new level, and even show it off in their mini commercial-like video.

The solution was absolutely sharable!


Active at eight different locations for the duration of one whole month, our booths have personalized more than 3,000 Sunsilk bottles. People have been lining up to buy their customized bottle, easily breaking through the clutter at supermarkets and keeping all eyes on Sunsilk.

Live tracking:

As the success of the activation continues, our client also has full access to a live tracking platform where they can monitor the performance at each location. This includes stats on the number of visits, emails collected, photos taken, bottles sold, consumer profiles, and social media shares – valuable data base for their future marketing efforts.

Sunsilk showcase video


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