Discover the wonderful Snapchat Photo booth

Discover the wonderful Snapchat Photo booth

Let’s face it. Using a photo booth just to click simple photos is so Yesterday. More importantly, every brand on this planet is doing it. At iboothme, as creators of innovative photo booth technology, we’re ready to shake things up again with iboothme snapchat photobooth.

Say hello to Photo Booth Filters by iboothme ?.

Yes, your photo booth can now have all those cool and addictive Snapchat-like photo booth filters you love. In fact, it works exactly like taking a Snapchat Selfie on your phone. All that you need to do is stand in front of the photo booth, pick any filter and press a button. And you’ve got a great, fun photo. Just like that.

A world of exciting filters to choose from. 

We’ve gone all out to create fun filters and effects. You can add a moustache, jewellery, hats, accessories, flowers, sunglasses, and just about anything. More importantly, at iboothme, we customise the filters based on your brand and marketing campaign. Do you have a new bag to launch? A new lipstick shade? An exciting necklace in your jewellery line? Whether you are a makeup brand, in fashion or electronics, or retail, now you can get your customers to promote anything you want with our custom-created filters.

Here is a video demonstration of iboothme Snapchat Photobooth used for Braun event

As good as reality. 
At iboothme, we design every filter the way you want it and to perfection. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intuitive face and body tracking technology, every filter is designed to follow your face and body movements with absolute precision.

No more expensive props. 
These days, with rapidly changing deadlines and agile marketing events, it’s not always practical to create real props for your event. In fact, there are so many limitations as well. Not to forget, that the logistics, time, costs and the space needed is huge. Which is why, our filters are easy, fun, as well as time and cost effective to create. And because, our photo booth technology is automated, you even save on operator costs. It all adds up to your profitability.

Collect data as you go. 
We never forget to collect data. To get these cool photos instantly your customers need to enter their details. Which means, you can send them your marketing message too.

Say NO to boring photo booths. Bring your ideas to life with our fun, photo booth filters. Talk to us at iboothme. 


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