Want to build intrigue and tell a unique story at your event? But how do you ensure your audience is not only listening to your message but also engaging with it too? The specially crafted Slingshot photo booth by iboothme does all of this and more.

Hit the bullseye of engagement

When it comes to any event or product launch, the Slingshot photo booth is the guaranteed way to drive engagement levels higher. Its unique interactive and gamification approach makes it easier for a larger audience to connect and get involved in the action.

Aim for maximum impact

Lower your risks and increase your ROI. This awesome photo booth makes it easier to customize to any message and design. That means you can target your audience with a unique idea.

Engaging with your audience is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

There’s never been more fun and competitive way to engage an audience.

Step 1: Two potential prospects snap their photos and enter details on a mobile phone to create unique profiles.

Step 2: When they are both ready, the game starts with their respective profiles on screen. The prospect who takes the slingshot first moves ahead and wins.

Step 3: The winner receives a unique digital code on the spot to unlock the gift box with.

View this video to see how the Slingshot photo booth by iboothme works.

Perfect for any kind of experiential marketing.

The slingshot photo booth is ideal for spot contests, product demos, launches and any kind of unique engaging experience. The possibilities are limitless. And the fact, that is the ideal solution to collect data for lead generation, makes it worth every shot.

Want to customize the slingshot photo booth for your next event? Talk to us.

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