The FIFA World Cup will be the grand marketing finale of 2022. It’s the region’s first and biggest sporting event. In many ways, this is the Superbowl of the region.  

There’s never been a better time to get your customers to engage with your brand. Events, branded content and interactive engagement will be key. But if you need a good brand experience, you need to start with a good hybrid photo booth solution. There are plenty of photo booths out there. In fact, as iboothme, we’ve created all kinds of visual solutions and we know what stands out.  

So, what makes a good hybrid photo booth solution? Here are 5 key must-haves:

  1. It must be customizable. A good photo booth lets you personalize the message based on your campaign. You should be able to add special visual effects, messages and design.  
  2. It must fuel future marketing efforts . Photo booths are great ways to ask your prospects for their data in a non-intrusive way. This is crucial for targeting your audience selectively in the next campaign too.
  3. It must be easy and affordable to set up . Real estate is costly. So, is getting a crew to operate. The best photo booths take limited space, need minimal supervision and can be set up without a fuss. Save your marketing budget and use it where it matters the most. Need to know about the latest photo booths? iboothme has plenty of different photo booths to choose from. 
  4. It must be hybrid. Not everyone might attend your event. But that doesn’t mean they should miss out either. We’ve seen hybrid solutions connect people across the globe. And what better event than a football world cup to do so. 
  5. It must be engaging. Once your potential customer engages with your activation, the chances of conversions are higher. Make your photo booth as interactive as you can to meet your marketing goals. Maybe, get them to take a selfie with Mo Salah. Or save a penalty against Messi? The possibilities are limitless.  

Click Here to watch the launch video of iboothme Qatar.

Need a photo booth in Qatar or your next event? Get in touch with iboothme.  

In the lead-up to FIFA World Cup, we’ll have our teams in Qatar and across the region so you can have all the support you need. We’re the region’s leading photo booth innovator & we’ll be happy to kick off a brainstorming session. Together, we can make your brand the ultimate winner during this World Cup.