Culture is always changing, but technology has made this even faster. Need proof? Here are the numbers:

These figures point to a growing selfie culture across the globe. But how can your brand benefit from this trend?


Maximize User-Generated Content

Here at iboothme, we have developed unique and innovative solutions to help businesses generate excitement and engagement during their events. We strive to continuously follow the trend and also create new ones: Snapchat filters, augmented reality, 180 degree photo booth, 360 Virtual reality photo booth, you name it!And If we do not have the technology we will develop it for you ?

The key of a success for a campaign is to follow the trend and innovate, so we make sure that your activations use the latest technology.


iboothme Classic – Featuring a sleek and modern design, the iboothme classic goes beyond traditional photo booths with the ability to capture photos, record HD videos, Boomerang videos, GIFs, and other types of visual content. If you want something to get your guests excited at your event, this is the perfect solution! View video demonstration

iboothme 180 – Looking for something new and creative? What about a photo booth that can create magical GIF images? Pretty cool, right? That’s what the iboothme 180 brings to the table! With 11 mounted DSLR cameras programmed to take pictures in succession, your guests can create magical GIFs at your event instantly! View video demonstration

iboothme 360 – Activate your brand, feature a new line of products, or market your newest retail boutique in Dubai – with the iboothme 360, you can do all that and more! Let your guests have the time of their lives making 360-degree videos at your events, and in high definition too! View video demonstration


Let iboothme Help You Create the Next Trend

We love challenges and we love making events unique. Let us work closely with you, and help you create the next wave of trends!