How to build your photo own booth?

How can you build your own photo booth? Well, it is easy… Go to; buy the software for USD150, get any DSLR camera for USD200, a touchscreen PC for under USD300, and ask any factory to build a box for USD300 and you’re done building your own photo booth! Or buy photo booths on Why spend more when you can build or buy your own photo booth?

Do not put a photo booth to put a photo booth

9 out of 10 times, a photo booth is put up because of the lack of creative ideas. A photo booth is the last resort. It keeps your prospects entertained or busy. But it directly affects their perception with a bad experience.

Your activation should make your product or service famous and increase sales. Don’t copy your competition. Stand out. Don’t blend in.

Benefit from a unique visual solution

Consumers are clever. They follow technology. You craft your campaign with a specific message and a specific target. Craft specific photo booth visual soltuions to support it. Come up with a unique photo booth concept.

Create unique experiences. Impress your consumers. Open their hearts.

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