Holograms have captivated the world for years. But, maybe, the apparition in the legendary Hollywood Movie ‘Star Wars’ first trigged it all.

But ask anyone now, and you’ll realize that holograms are the next big thing for brand activations.

There would be good news if you were looking for a new way to make your brand activation stand out. iboothme has just dropped its all-new Holobox, and it’s about to take the world of brand visual art by storm.


You need a distinctive and futuristic approach to captivate the crowd for your product launch. Your potential customers need a bigger and more dynamic reason to stay impressed. Need to drive performance with a balance of playfulness and engagement? The iboothme HoloBox does the trick. This trendy tech is both sleek and ultra-stylish. But more importantly, it’s loaded with the latest technology and sophisticated software to give you the best ROI in real-time.


The iboothme Holobox is a super versatile piece of visual tech. It lets you display your product in a high-visibility pot where your prospect can scan and buy products directly from your online store or any e-commerce platform. If you want live shopping as part of your marketing mix, you can place a Holobox in multiple public places and let an influencer, a musician, a makeup artist, or even your CEO set up a live shopping stream. Imagine the reach and eyeballs your brand can get.

Holobox can adapt to any big idea or execution too. The ideas are endless; you can, for instance, propose a live-streaming of your brand ambassador present in another country and interact with your guests in the UAE. You can have a virtual DJ, and your prospects will scan a QR code and select their next music for the DJ to play or have live trivia pursuit with your visitors. You can let an author read live his latest book to the crowd or let an artist sing their latest songs in multiple places simultaneously for an efficient song promotion.


The iboothme HoloBox is a game-changer in creating stunning visual art for your brand and events. But more importantly, it’s the perfect solution when you want your customers to engage or transact directly. Turn your visuals into engaging masterpieces and guarantee great ROI and engagement for your campaign or event. The stylish and luxurious design and its cute size make it a perfect fit for even the tiniest of spaces – and transport to any part of town.

Do you want to take a sneak peek at how iboothme HoloBox is controlled with a smartphone? Watch This Video


Give your brand the power of holograms with the iboothme Holobox and see how it can transform your marketing mix.
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