If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And we couldn’t be more excited to show off the iboothme Glamdroid. The newest sensation takes the brand activation world and the event industry by storm.

What makes the iboothme Glamdroid so special?

It started with the Glambot, where Hollywood stars took a slow-motion shot on a red carpet, creating a trend. However, the Glambot is not designed for events due to its massive size, the results are not sent instantly to users, and no data is collected.

And with those gaps, we have brainstormed to design the perfect robotic visual photo booth with all eyes on it, ready to support the best brand with a reinvigorated approach.

Discover in exclusivity The Glamdroid teaser

1. Control the Glamdroid from any smartphone

That’s right. A mobile phone can control the Glamdroid to maximize your data collection rather than typing on a screen. So your audience needs to scan a QR code, choose between four different robotic moves, and enter their data to start activating the robotic experience. More power means more engagement.

2. Make bold moves that make sense for your brand activation

We can also create programmable sequences that are catered to your event. For example, do you want the Glamdroid to focus on your prospects sitting inside a car and zoom out to show the car? Do you want the Glamdroid to do a specific movement aligned with your stand design? No problem. Each content sent to your user will blow their mind as it will look like real advertising for your products. The ideas are unlimited.

3. Add effects

Add external effects like smoke, wind, confetti and visual effects for the videos and music. The possibilities are endless, giving your maximum possibilities to create buzz and be unique.

4. Brand it your way

Glamdroid is eye-catching, and the crowd will keep an eye on it. Customize the arm and the base of the iboothme Glamdroid to add your logo and message and give that futuristic look to your brand activation. And with so many eyes on this snazzy robotic photo booth, you can bet on some pretty big ROI too.

5. Get real-time data and insights

Capture the data you require from your target audience at any event. It’s non-intrusive and easy, as your audience will want to share their details in return for a cool video.

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