Are you looking for an effective, innovative way to add excitement to your next event and increase brand engagement? Look no further than the gamified photo booth vending machine by iboothme! This unique solution combines the convenience of a vending machine with the excitement of gamification to create a memorable experience for your guests.

Why do you need it?

What do your clients need? To capture the attention of your prospects to deliver their marketing message. What better than customized games to catch their awareness?

It’s time to level up your ROI. With a gamified photo booth vending machine for your brand activations, guests can play games and participate in challenges to earn your branded rewards. Not only will they have a blast, but they’ll also have a reason to engage with your brand and share their experience on social media. Whether it’s a photo scavenger hunt or a trivia game, your guests will enjoy a fun and interactive experience they will remember.

How does it work?

First, we will listen to your needs, understand your brands, and create a Game scenario before the development.

The gamified photo booth vending machine creates urgency and excitement with its instant gift dispensing feature. If a user completes the game within a specified time frame, they will instantly receive a gift from the vending machine. This adds excitement and encourages guests to participate and engage with your brand.

What are the perks?

With the convenience of a vending machine, you can enjoy a hassle-free event without the need for attendants or additional staff. So place the device at your event, and let the experience begin! In complement to creating an engaging and memorable experience for your guests, a gamified photo booth vending machine also provides a great opportunity for brand activation. As a result, guests will see your brand positively as they have fun and create lasting memories. And with the bonus of instant gifts for those who complete the games within a time frame, you’re sure to see high levels of participation and engagement.

How can you stay ahead of the game?

A gamified photo booth vending machine is the perfect solution for events that add excitement, increase brand engagement, and create lasting memories for guests. With its unique combination of convenience, fun, and instant rewards, you can be sure that your guests will have a blast and that your brand will be the focal point.

Here’s how iboothme used the gamified photo booth vending machine. Watch the video here.

Why not try a gamified photo booth vending machine at your next event and see the results for yourself? Then, give us a call at iboothme. Our team of techno-marketers is waiting to brainstorm on your next brief.