Why should a photo booth just be good enough to click a photo? Imagine the possibilities and the experiences you could create for your brand if every photo booth was intelligent enough to do more. At iboothme, we never stop challenging the rules. Which is why, this time for Close Up, we’ve innovated and mixed Face Recognition technology with our powerful photo booth software to create something truly special. The result? The first face recognition photo booth that comes with smile detection too.

Get up, close and personal with Close Up’s Love Calculator Photo Booth.

People are always curious to find out how much you love them? Or how close your relationship really is? So when Close Up wanted to get people closer to each other, we knew we could make the idea really come alive with this insight and a bit of clever technology. We created Close Up’s Love Calculator Photo Booth combining face recognition technology with our unique photo booth software. We then invited couples, friends, parents, kids or just about anybody who wanted to know how close they were to each other. The photo booth had the answer by wsing a meter to calculate the distance between the two faces. What’s more, it would even encourage them to get closer. Once the pair smiled, the camera would use the unique smile recognition technology and click a photo automatically – also displaying the actual percentage of closeness.

Check out the video to see a demo of how our face recognition photo booth for Close Up really works.

Powerful analytics, data collection and marketing opportunities. 
Face recognition technology is a very handy when it comes to analytics as you can get more than just a photo from your photo booth. You can now understand the age, the gender, the height and just about thing you want to know about your target audience. On the other hand, our data collection methods ensure we always collect the details of the prospect as well. After all, every photo is automatically mailed to the person with a marketing message. In this case, we promoted #getcloseup to spread the word on social media, turning every prospect into an ambassador.

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