Ok. So COVID-19 may have stopped public gatherings – small and large. And life as we know it might never be the same. But while this tiny microbe has brought traditional events to a standstill, iboothme was never going to sit still.

We love innovating for the hardest marketing problems. And iboothme Virtual Photo Booth is one such game-changer.

iboothme Virtual Photo Booth: The future of events is here.

The iboothme Virtual Photo Booth is not just any photo booth. It lives up to its name. And for several reasons too.

Virtual Printed Flipbook

Have an idea where you still want to give a souvenir to your audience? Like a print a photo for instance? Well, the iboothme Virtual Photo Booth doesn’t want you to stop right there. In fact, you can even print a flipbook and send it to your audience. How cool is that? See how it works here.

Virtual Mosaic

Now you can create beautiful photo and video mosaics. Unleash the power of User-generated content when people are maximizing their time spent on their phones. See how the Virtual Mosaic works. Watch video here. 

Virtual Data Collection

Every iboothme solution has always kept data collection in mind. The virtual photo booth is no different. After all, now more than ever, you want your customers to engage more and share their details so you can keep the conversation going.

Virtual Customization

iboothme Virtual Photo Booth is the most customizable photo booth on the planet. From the unique link to the interface to filters and special effects, this is the next level of photo booth personalization. To check out the customization solutions of iboothme Virtual Photo Booth, watch this video.

Virtual Game World

You can even gamify the iboothme Virtual Photo Booth. Add levels, build plot lines and create an environment your audience will love. If you can imagine it, this photo booth makes it possible. Watch video here.

Virtual Photo Booth – Any Place, Anytime, Any Budget

On a limited marketing budget? With budget slashes and no place to host a traditional event, the iboothme Virtual Photo Booth gives you a clear advantage. What’s more, you can even set timers and reminders to make sure your audience never miss out on your event.

Be a game-changer with the iboothme Virtual Photo Booth.

The Virtual Photo Booth is like your traditional photo booth. Only 100x better and more efficient in these situations. Ready to find out how this can transform your brand, business and event? Get in touch.

Youssef Kibbe
Founder of iboothme

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