It’s cute. It’s loveable. It’s social. And it’s definitely rolling with exiting possibilities. Looking for a new way to get your audience excited and engaged with your brand? Then it’s time you set your eyes on one of our cutest new innovations.

Say hello to the iboothme Boomerang ball

Designed to get conversations started and heads turning, our new Boomerang Ball roaming photo booth, is already creating a buzz in every social circle. It’s got a fun character and guess what, it even blinks like a real eye! But that’s not all. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways to capture branded content, deliver your marketing message and collect data anywhere and any time.

Perfect to take on the go

Conducting a workshop? Hosting an event at a club? Running a promotion at a mall? ¬†Don’t worry. This cute boomerang ball roaming photo booth is perfect to pass around a table, at a bar or even in a supermarket aisle. More importantly, it’s lightweight, handheld, battery-operated and drop-safe. Which means you can focus only on spreading your message without worrying about anything.

Small in size, big on features 

Don’t judge it by its cute and compact look. iboothme Boomerang Ball roaming photo booth does what every other photo booth can do and more. It comes with a drop-safe foam shell, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, wifi-connectivity, RFID reader and customizable software solutions for all your marketing needs. All the technology you need fits in your hands. And with no operator or expensive retail space required, this boomerang Ball roaming photo booth doesn’t just fit in your hands but in your budget too.

The boomerang Ball roaming photo booth works in so many fun ways too. Watch the video here to see how it works.

Collect data on the move

iboothme has spent several years mastering new ways to collect data. Our new Boomerang Ball roaming photo booth takes great photos in a flash. More importantly, it also provides the ideal Launchpad for your audience to connect, engage and start a conversation with your brand. All they need to do is click, and enter an email to receive their content. Creating branded content was never this fun and easy. The data you collect can be used for all your future marketing messages too.

Want to rent our Boomerang ball roaming photo booth at your next event? Talk to us.

Our techno-marketers are always on the lookout for challenging briefs. We can show you how to make the most of the Boomerang ball at your next event or party. Why wait? See what a difference our Boomeranf ball roaming photo booth can make.

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