During your event, a picture provides great souvenirs for your guest, but what if you can provide 11 pictures from different angle merged into one? It will create an amazing 3D GIF result and your brand will be remembered!


Over the time our clients were complaining to us about how in the market 360 bullet photo booths are expensive, take a lot space during a venue, require a promoter to press a button to activate the cameras, are not sending the visual instantly, and so and so…
We had here a need from our clients, so we took the challenge to innovate and create something the market is looking for, something unique in the world of photo booth.

What is the iboothme 180 photo booth?

We have created iboothme 180 shaped into a half circle, placed above our famous iboothme booth structure.

iboothme 180 is powered with 11 DSLR cameras that will capture different angles of your guest and create an amazing 3D GIF sent instantly to them.

The beauty of our iboothme 180 is:

  • This is the first photo booth in the world that give the signals to 11 cameras to snap photos at the same time. No need for an operator to stand and press a button… It will leave all the freedom to your guests to operate iboothme 180 photo booth.
  • Users can see themselves on the screen before snapping their photos.
  • iboothme 180 will immediately process the 3D GIF and let the users view their result,
  • After entering their details the 3D GIF will be immediately sent to users for social sharing. Who likes to wait?
  • It only needs a 2×2 meter space and the set up is done in less than 30 minutes…
  • It provides a complementary printed photo.
Here is how iboothme 180 works

How your brand can benefit from iboothme 180?

iboothme 180 is affordable, will take a limited place during your venue and will amaze your guest while collecting database for your future marketing efforts. Your users will receive on the spot an email inviting them to click on a link. Once clicked they will be redirected to your marketing microsite where they will find their 3D GIF for social sharing along with your full marketing message: View video of marketing microsite

For more: iboothme.ae