The spotlight was on. Flyod Mayweather was taking on Conor McGregor in the fight of the decade. But while Mayweather was delivering punch after punch, a new winner was emerging in the world of unique brand experiences.

Meet iboothme 180 – the new real-time champion.

On the day of the fight, in a special event for Twitter, we promoted the iboothme 180 degree photo booth in a small boxing ring in Dubai. Powered with 11 DSLR cameras that snap photos at the same time to create magical GIFs, our 180 degree photo booth quickly demonstrated how it can engage and reward consumers during an event while adapting to the smallest, challenging spaces.

As the two opponents sparred on screen, fun-loving and curious Twitter fans entered the ring and snapped themselves from different angles using the unique technology of iboothme 180. The photos were automatically converted into magical 3D GIFs and instantly sent back to them.

Delivering a knockout result.

Like Mayfeather, iboothme 180 proved that it didn’t require too much time to get a winning result. Despite a nail-biting fight on the office screen, iboothme 180 degree photo booth managed to successfully to engage most of the employees. The footage was amazing and it delivered 89 GIFs in less than 2 hours. #OwnTheFight trended on Twitter while the cheer spread on social media with over 70 shares.

How your brand can pack a powerful punch with iboothme 180.

iboothme 180 is super-quick to install and fits in the smallest of spaces. Yet it always delivers a mega performance when it comes to fun and collecting a database for future marketing efforts. It saves you the cost of having an operator and gives the consumer complete freedom. It creates stunning GIFs, which are instantly sent to their email along with a link to your site that keeps the chatter around your brand message going.

If iboothme 180 could deliver successful results in a small boxing ring at an office event, imagine what it can do for your brand.